Fasma Srl


Perfect machineries for perfect cores

FASMA technology is composed of:

  • Cores moulding system.
  • Painting system.
  • Drying system.
  • Assembly system.
  • Team of robots.

Cores moulding system

Our fleet of moulding machines constantly updated to the latest technology. The thirty year experience in the field has allowed us to have all the possible specialized machineries for all the different  productions.
Every single machinery is personally customized based on our technical know-how acquired through years of experience.

Perfect machineries for perfect cores. Thanks to the programmed maintenance of all our fleet of machineries we can achieve the constancy of the quality of our final product.

Painting system

Cutting-edge technical systems for painting cores, with automatic control of density by a latest generation probe, capable of integrating mechanics and electronics together in order to have a precise control of the all automatic painting process guaranteeing a unique final quality product. It also allows remarkable water savings due to a software controlled water flow. From the touchscreen there is the possibility to set up the best desired setting for the kind of cores that have to be treated.


Drying system

Customized systems specifically made for FASMA allow to keep the drying phase of cores paint monitored.

These are air circulating oven with a probe controlled temperature and humidity that allow to keep under control the drying timing.

From the touchscreen there is the possibility to set up the best desired setting.

Equipped with the latest technologies that allow energy saving thanks to the modification of electrical resistance and speed of the air circulation in accordance with the real temperature in the oven.

Assembly system

Customized systems to assemble cores by means of specific glue or by another metal core.

After continual research and fieldwork we are now provided with specific innovative systems to glue cores together in a more efficient, clean and economic way.

Team of robots

We are provided with team of robots capable of carrying out the painting gluing and drying phase in a repetitive a constant manner. These are particularly suitable for a massive production. A final economically convenient product can be obtain in a constant and precise centesimal way unattainable by human being.