Fasma Srl

safety and environment

The future is green.

Safety and environment have always been fundamental aspects for FASMA and believed to be necessary to a sustainable future.

By constantly changing machinery and equipment  we fulfill all the recent regulations .

The highest safety standards and quality in the workplace are increased by the use of robots in the production cycle together with personal designed automatism of deburring and painting of cores. 

We have cut down on the water consumption through the use of our closed-circuit cooling system that covered the whole perimeter of our facilites satisfying all our needs. 

By the use of our recent vacuum system we have also obtained an healthy working place emitting clean air in the environment.

All our different systems ( the cooling system, the vacuum system and the  compressed air system) have been studied to reduce the energy consumption by the use of an inverter capable of consuming only the real required electricity needed.

In order to riduce the high environmental impact of our business, a photovoltaic system is going to be implemented all over the covered surface.

With our ISO 14001 environmental certification, nature and health are even more respected and preserved. Thanks to a dedicated software, made by a specialized company, organization and processes are improved in a simple and safe way.