safety and environment

The future is green.

Safety and the environment are central aspects at FASMA, they have always been considered indispensable for a sustainable future
We are aware that the world is one and that it must be preserved with all possible efforts.

With the constant replacement of machinery and equipment, we meet all the  latest occupational safety regulations, and with the integration of robots in the production cycle, together with automatisms of our conception in deburring and coating of cores, we raised the standards of safety and quality in the workplace for our operators.

We have practically reduced industrial water consumption to 0, as we are equipped with a closed-loop cooling system that covers the entire perimeter of the company  and meets 100%  of our needs.
Fasma also has reduced the consumption of electricity through the installation of inverters able to guarantee an electricity consumption based on the real production need.

To minimize the environmental impact of our business, we installed a 100 Kw photovoltaic system.  Our next goal is the installation of additional photovoltaic to meet the entire electricity requirement. 

With the environmental certification ISO 14001 and ISO 45004 nature and health will be even more respected and preserved. 

"Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of the future generation" is the motto of our company.