Fasma Srl


Company with a certified soul

Fasma was founded in 1988 by Di Bon Antonio and Ferrazzuti Graziano who fully left the company in Antonio’s hands right after his retirement. As years went by, his four children Lara, Daniel, Cesare e Davide joined the company.

We use a manufacturing process called "shell moulding” consists in the creation of shells and cores with silica sand covered by thermosetting resins.

This method allows us to achieve extremely accurate castings, uniform surfaces, monitored thicknesses, mouldings and complex internal channels exceptionally precise.

From its origin until today, Fasma has had a steady growth in terms of turnover and know-how. From the initial two core machines we have reached the actual 17 machines with a steady annual increase.

Fasma has always been at the forefront of this sector: the company has always provided itself with the highest technology available in order to guarantee on the one hand the best reliability of its production but on the other hand the flexibility in the manufacturing of little custom made productions.

The unique selling proposition of the company, besides the technology, is the ability to offer our customers a complete service, from technical consultation regarding the manufacturing of moulds and its development, to the capability of fulfilling the orders promptly.

Our customers’ relationship has always been focused on mutual collaboration. Together with our technicians and external collaborators, Fasma is able to take part in all the different stages of planning, not just the final cores, but also the industrialization of the whole process, maintaining a high quality standard within the agreed budget.

The vision on our company’s development is based on technical and organizational research and innovation, embracing the best high-tech software and systems to improve in a more comprehensive way all the working context.