Super Core

Creation Creation

In FASMA every core becomes SUPER because it is produced with moulds that are engineered by us and mounted on appropriate machinery, and they are SUPER because it’s made of high-quality sand.
We use the best raw materials, for the best cores.
Starting with the prototype, we are able to industrialize the process and then schedule the achievement of the goal set by the customer.

Dressing Up Dressing Up

The SUPER core then must become beautiful because... "a beautiful and healthy body is always born from a beautiful and healthy soul" (especially in the foundry).
This is why the SUPER core is coated with paints with different colors and properties according to the characteristics and specifications that the casting requires.


Equipping Equipping

The SUPER core must then be  prepared for the challenge with molten metal and is then rigged with metal supports.
FASMA equips the SUPER core either in the forming phase in the machine, or in the assembly phase.

Connecting Connecting

Unity is strength! To achieve difficult goals, two SUPER cores come together to become one SUPER cores.
FASMA attaches two SUPER cores with specific adhesives that guarantee sealing, cleaning and no gas outlets.

Traveling Traveling

Now the SUPER Core is mature and ready to go to the foundry, but how?

Fasma makes traveling for its SUPER Cores comfortable and safe by using suitable packaging that is designed not to compromise quality.
Whether it is a short trip or along the SUPER soul is happy and safe, always.

Fusion Fusion

Now the last challenge: the fusion.
Fasma's SUPER CORE is sure about making a good impression and it's confident about creating a beautiful new object.